Monday, December 22, 2008

Famous Places of Nawarangpur District of Odisha Orissa to see Natural Beauties and Homogenious Living Style of People

Sri Nilakantheswar Temple: This temple is situated at Papadahandi. This temple has some Buddhist religion statues in it.

Pendrani Temple: Maa Pendrani temple is situated in Umarkot.

Kelia Mahadev Temple: This temple is situated Kelia hill.

KHATIGUDA DAM:Four dams were constructed for the purpose of blocking the flow of River water . The highest dam is located at Khatiguda while the other Two are constructed at Muran and Kapur. The last two envelope Small streams which merge into river Indravati through the dam water.

Gosein Dorah:Gosein Dorah is a natural water fall situated in Jhorigam Block 82 KM away from Nabarangpur . This waterfall, situated in the virgin forest, attracts tourists from far off places. There is a scope for mountain trekking at this spot.

Kelia Temple:Kelia Shiva Temple is a very old Temple famous for both its location and spirituality . Situated in Dabugam Block, 42 KM away from District Head Quarter with Parvati Cave one kilometre across the mountain and beckoned with mysterious legends it attracts large crowd of people every now and then . Also large number of gathering witnessed every year during Shiva Ratri.

Chandan Dhara :Chandan Dhara is a natural water fall situated in Jhorigam Block 90 KM away from Nabarangpur ,also remarkable for a natural Shiva Lingam . An ideal location for outings and picnic.

Bhaskel Reservoir:Bhaskel Reservoir constructed over river Bhaskel in Umerkote Block,. Basically used for irrigation and pisciculture. The waterbody creates a view of artificial lake with natural surroundings multiplying a visitor's delight . This is an ideal place for picnic and tourist interest.

Hirli Dangar :Just beside Nabarangpur town is a hillock with profuse scenic beauty and full serenity loved by visitors to retire far from the madding crowd though so close to the town. The park and curvy hill driving add to any visitor's joy.

Gorvarai Temple :Situated at Pujariguda 25 kms from Nabarangpur and 3kms from Maidalpur with Shiva Shrine amid a picturesque waterfall is a lovable picnic spot.

Mandadangri:11 kms from Nabarangpur, near Chatahandi,is famous for the Shiva Shrine with caves.

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