Monday, December 22, 2008

Famous Tourist Places of Kandhamala District of Odisha (Orissa) With Temples, Picnic spots at Water Falls, Deep Forests High Hills and Ghats

Kandhamal is a district of state of Orissa , India. The capital of the district (headquarter) is Phulbani.

Phulbani :The district head quarters is a place to relax in and marvel at the natural beauty. It is sorrounded by hills. The Pillasalunki river flows on its three side and the town is just on the grove of sal trees. One can enjoy l view of the town from Bhetkhol and Brahamani-Devi hill top, which present an ambience of hill towns of lower Himalayas. A morning walk on the main road and visit to the river side in the afternoon is a wonderful experience.

Putudi Water Fall :Putudi is a place of natural beauty where river Salunki falls from the height of 60ft. forming an enchanting ambience. The roaring sound of the fall with dense forest all around creates a thrilling sensation. It is 15 kms from Phulbani town.

Daringbadi :Daringbadi, a vast area at the height of about 3000ft above sea level is an ideal summer resort which is popularly named as 'Kashmir of Orissa'. The place is gifted with natural bounties such as pine jungles, coffee gardens and beautiful valleys. . It is the only place in Orissa which experiences snow fall during Winter. The journey from the plains to the hills of Daringbadi is an experience in itself . This pretty hill station is 100 kms from Phulbani and 50 kms from Balliguda.

Chakapad :The abode of Lord Birupakshya, on the bank of river Burtunga, commands a panoramic view of nature.

Belghar:Gifted with ample scenic beauty, Belghar presents a panoramic view of lush and rolling hills. It is inhabited by Kutia Kondha tribe, who follow the age old tradition of food gathering and hut dwelling. They are very friendly and hospitable. More to be seen and encountered is the wild life especially elephants. . Belghar, a hamlet situated about 2555ft above the sea level is very much suitable for adventurous trekking to the nearby hills. Nearby Kotagarh sanctury is popularl with tourist who wish to enjoy the wild unspoilt environment. . Belghar is 165kms from Phulbani and 70 kms from Balliguda.

Katramala:A place of natural beauty with a waterfall and pond where one can play with fibres amidst dense forest.It is an ideal place for picnic. The spot is 35 kms from Phulbani

Pakadadarah:This is a waterfall, with a height of 30ms near Sudrukumpa on Panisal- Baghiapada forest road . The spot is 18kms from Phulbani and 3 kms from Sudrukumpa .

Kalinga:The palce is famous for its towering zig-zag Ghat road with scenic beauty. The 11 kms long Ghat road starting from Kalinga is a picturesque and charming place. The nearby Silviculture Forest Reaserch Station is an added attraction. It is an ideal picnic spot on the Phulbani- Berhampur road & 50kms from Phulbani. A PWD I.B. is available for accomodation .

Ludu Water Fall:This enchanting waterfall is situated at Jakesi, near Subarnagiri Kotogarh Block. It is linked with a motorable road to kotagarh.It is 165kms from Phulbani and an ideal place for picnic & trekking.

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