Monday, December 22, 2008

Famous Tourist and Picnic Spots of Nayagarh District of Orissa to See Famous Tempeles and Beautiful Natural Places

SARANKUL:The Shrine of Lord Ladukeswar, known popularly as Ladu Baba is situated here, 100 kms from Bhubaneswar on the Nayagrah- Aska Road and 13 kms from Nayagarh town.

ODAGAON:Odagaon is known for the Temple of Lord Raghunathjeu. It is one of the famous Temples in Orissa dedicated to Lord Ramachandra. Ramanavami is the most important festival celebrated here. Odagaon is 26 kms away from Nayagrah (town).

Dutikeswar:35 kms from Nayagarh on the Nayagarh--Bahadajhola via odagaon road.There is a beautiful Siva Temple is there.This is also a very good scenic spot.

Kantilo : Standing elegantly on the banks of the Mahanadi, Kantilo is famous for the temple of Lord Nilamadhaba on top of the twin hills with a surrounding of green forests.

Daspalla :Daspalla is situated 40 kms from Nayagrah, here we can find forests with incredibly lush flora and fauna. Daspalla is famous for its jungles, animals and trees. It is one of the most interesting Picnic Spots. A Deer Park close by kuanria is another attraction. Daspalla is famous for Mahabir Temple .

Ranapur :Situated at a distance of 28 kms from Nayagarh, Ranapur is a picnic spot. The temple of Goddess Maninageswari on the picturesque Maninag hill top attracts the tourists.

Asurkumari:18 kms from Nayagarh towards Nayagarh-Ranpur via Darpanarayanpur- road. Beautiful water-fall with scenic beauty attracts tousrist.There is also a goddess temple there.It is beutiful picnic spot.

Baramul : Barmul is the name of a small village of Nayagarh district is famous as the magnificent Mahandi gorge starts from here. It is famous for its unique gorge eco-system and beautiful picnic spot. Barmul is about 110 km form Bhubaneswar is an ideal place for an outing or for Nature Camp.

Gania and Kuturi:These two places of Nayagarh district is famous for its natural beauty and the artistic excellence of Orissan art. These are lovely picnic spots under cool mango groves and other shady trees by the side of a hillock. Picturesquely carved out of the big mountains, these two places create an impression of a zoological park where animals move in their natural habitat. These relaxing spots surrounded by nature preserve varieties of indigenous plants, both decorative and medicinal.

Satokasia Gorge Sanctuary:Satokosia gorge, where the nature in its primitive wild disposition houses all the phenomena including flora and fauna is a rare place.If the wild animals including Sambar, barking deer and wild boar have made the sanctuary their home, leopards and Royal Bengal Tigers stalk the area in their inimitable style.

Sitalpani:Sitalpani is a spot on the top of the hill where ice cold water is available in all seasons.

GokulanandaPitha : Near to Kantilo Nilamadhaba , a beautiful place for Picnic and Nature Lover.

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