Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Famous Spots of Puri Districts of Orissa (Odisha), the Holistic Place which will bring all your Anxieties to Cool yourselves

Puri District
Sri Jagannath Temple : The World Famous Temple of Lord Jagannath , where you will washout all your sins anxieties and wariness to be able to get salvation. Besides Jagannath Temple Gundicha Mandir, Lokanath Mandir, Sunara Gauranga Mandir , Daria Mahabir Mandir and Tota Gopinath are endless destinations to visit and earn holiness. There are also a number of holy Ponds like Narendra Pokhari, Markandeya Pokhari, Sweta Ganga and Indradyumn and many Monasteries locally known as Mathas also of touristic interest.

Sea Beach: The golden beach of Puri is one of the best in
the country for Sun, Surf and Sand. The beach area has been a popular seaside resort for decades, and some of the old hotels capture the charm of bygone days. For this shining beach, Puri has got its dual importance of a relaxed seaside resort and of an important pilgrimage centre.

Konark : The world famous Sun Temple as the Wonder in field of Architecture and Sculpture is attracting thousands of visitor daily with Attraction of Clam full Sea Shore.

CHANDRA BHAGA:At about 3 kms from the Sun Temple at Konark is the Chandrabhaga beach. The strong currents do not make it either safe or easy for swimming. But the picturesque view of the sunrise and sunset at this place is enchanting.

Brahmagiri : The Famous Alaranath Temple where, the Lord Jagannath being worshiped during their illness at Sri Jagannath Temple of Puri.

Goddess kalijai: In the heart of Chilika the famous Temple of Goddess kalijai is situated in a small island. It is also a famous picnic spot.

CHILIKA LAKE :NESTING in the heart of Coastal District Puri, Asia's largest & biggest inland Brackish water lake, Chilika, streching across the length of the three districts of Puri, Khurdha& Ganjam ,itjoins up with the Bay of Bengal through a narrow mouth ,forming an enormous lagoon of brackish water .

Satapada: The Famous for Entrance to Chilika Lake and View Dolphins attracting hundreds of visitors’ dailly during winter.

Dhauli Giri and Baudha Shanti Stupa : The famous Hill , where the Great King Ashoak was in fight with Kalinga Fighters and lastly changed towards peace and joined Buddhism and became great preacher of the religion.

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