Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Famous Places of Subarnapur District See Ancient Temples, Rivers, Dam, and the Hidden Place of Lord Jagannath

Sonepur: Bhubaneswar is 284 km from Sonepur. Surrounded by a number of mountains, water body of Mahanadi and Tel River, with 108 temples Sonepur has it’s eminence. Sashisena Temple, Pancharatha Temple, Budhima Temple, Gundicha Temple, Rameswar Temple, Suvarnameru Temple, Paschim Somanath Temple, Sureswari Temple, Khambeswari Temple, Bhagabati Temple, Lankeswari Temple etc are some of the selected temples to be visited in Sonepur.

Patali Srikshetra : Where the Lord Jagannath was kept hidden for more than 100 years. Visit of Patali Srikshetra at Trikut Hill

Baidyanath: Baidyanath is a historic place near river Tel at a distance of 14 km from Sonepur. Lord Kosaleswar Siva is worshiped here.

Khaliapali: Kahliapali is an importatn seat of Mahima cult where the Bhima Bhoi Samadhi temple is located. It is 25km from Sonepur. It is important to note that Bhima Bhoi was a celebrated poet and religious thinker of 9th Century A.D. and was a preacher of Mahima cult. After his death here, his followers made Khalipali their principal religious centre. Magha chaurdasi festival is celebrated here with great pomp and splendor. Visit Khaliapali

Papakshya Ghat at Binika: 32 km from Sonepur is Binka town. Four Kilometer from Binika is the Papashya Ghat on the bank of rive Mahanadi houses the shrine of Lord Gopal. Charda: 4 km from Binika. It is famous for Kapileswar temple. The village Charada also houses Goddess Chardei whose icon is assigned to 5th 6th Century A.D.

Nabagrahakunda: It is famous for the stone images of Nabagraha carved on a big stone.

Thenga Dam Site: A famous Picnic spot in Sonepur district is Thengo Dam Site of Birmaharajpur Block on HariharaJora Irrigation Project. The Dame site is attracting thousands of local visitors around the year to have a picnic there under the natural and beautiful environment around. Visit Thenga Dam Site
Dunguripali Station: About 13 KMs of Rail ways have stretched in this district and Only one Railway Station exactly a Passenger Halt is available.

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