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Famous Tourist Places of Baudh District , Visit to See Famous Siva Temples , Wild Life in Natural Forests and Natural beauties

Baudh District

Boudh is famous for its century old aesthetically built temples, ancient Buddha statues and caves. With the spread of Saivism,Vaishnavism and a number of other cults numerous shrines dedicated to various deities were found in this region. The natural beauty and glamour of these places keeps the visitors spellbound. It is a paradise for devotees and nature lovers. One who has visited this district at least once in his life never forgets it.

Buddha Statue:Three remarkable Buddhist statues are found in Boudh are indicative of the fact that it was once a center of Buddhist culture. One of the statue is present in Boudh town.

Ramanath Temple:A group of three temples of Siva at Boudh town called the Rameswar or Ramanath temples , dating back to the 9th century A.D. are reputed for their special feature.

Jogindra Villa Palace:This is the palace of ex-Ruler of Boudh locally known as Rajabati. This was constructed during the reign of Raja Jogindra Dev ,who was benevolent and generous ruler. The palace is a picturesque and handsome building commanding a fine view of Mahanadi.

Hanuman Temple:This temple is situated in the midst of the river Mahandai to the east of Boudh town..The Hanuman temple was constructed by a religious mendicant. This shrine was constructed on a large stone. The temple commands a beautiful view , especially during rain when the Mahanadi is in full boom .

Padmatola Sanctuary & Satakosia Gorge:The Dambarugada mountain is situated at a distance of 21 Km. from Boudh town toward Boudh –Balangir road. The name the place is Sangrampur. The river Mahanadi flows down the mountain which makes for a visually stunning sight. The mountain give a curve look from all of its side. The height of the mountain is 70 feet. On the top it a temple of Chiatanya deva.

Nayakpada Cave:The Nayakpada Cave is located at a distance of 12 Km. from Boudh town. in the Boudh-Bhubaneswar road. This cave was said to have been associated with mythology. Once upon a time this cave was asram of sadhus . The forest here is in rich of different types of flora and fauna .Here ,one can breathe the nature in its virgin state and truly delight in the grandeur of the flora and fauna.

Island:Marjakud is a wonderful island of Boudh. It is located on the opposite side of Boudh town in the river Mahandai.About three thousand people are living here. Maa Pitabali is the presiding deity of this place. It is an ideal place for picnic.

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